Wine Tasting

France has been the country of wine for two millennia. For centuries, many regions have selected their best terroirs, the most suitable grape varieties and the most successful vinification methods. It’s quite a journey to find your way around such different and varied nectars! However, all of them are of interest and it is worthwhile to go and discover the good vitners all over the French territory.

This is precisely the passion of the Comte de Vanssay who offers no less than 170 different wines, all selected by himself and purchased locally. He will be happy to guide you in your choice if you wish.

Burgundy, which he visits every year, is perhaps his favourite region and is very well represented on the map. The breathtaking Grands Crus, both red and white, are in the spotlight. The Rhône Valley with its lords of Cote Rotie or Châteauneuf du Pape is also present with other wines.

Beaujolais to his taste is to be rediscovered, far from the Beaujolais Nouveau which has tarnished his image. Seven of the first ten vintages are on the map. Champagne, Alsace and Languedoc are also on the list, as well as a selection of remarkable Italian wines.

Finally, the Comte de Vanssay likes rare, singular and extraordinary wines such as Château Chalons, Bellet or Irouléguy.

Château de la Barre wine selection

  • Bourgogne : 45 different wines
  • Bordeaux : 37 different wines
  • Beaujolais : 7 different wines
  • Loire : 46 different wines
  • Vallée du Rhône : 20 different wines
  • Italy: 20 different wines