What is there to see in our Region ?

Ours is a region where people live happily without resorting to hype to make ourselves known. Our region, located between the Loire, Maine and the Perche, draws from a rich history between being the birthplace of the English Plantagenet kings and the Loire castles, cradle of the Kings of France. All this has led to a unique “art de vivre”.

During your stay, discover and enjoy at your own pace: the winding Loir river bordered by vineyards, hidden local “Auberges” for gourmets, picturesque villages and castles for lovers of authenticity, churches decorated with frescoes and homes of famous poets for art lovers, cities steeped in the past and troglodyte cave towns and deep forests for lovers of hiking.

Vendôme houses the college where Balzac studied and, across the canals, the Abbey of the Trinity, with its unique stained-glass windows from the 12th to the 14th century and its flamboyant Gothic facade alongside the Romanesque bell tower from the 12th century which culminates at 80m.

Going down the river towards Montoire, cross the vineyards of the Coteaux du Vendomois, facing several manors and the cave village of Roches-L’Evêque. Montoire conceals some attractive old houses as well as an unknown jewel, the Chapelle St Gilles (11th century) with its majestic frescoes.

Just next door is Lavardin, classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France. The imposing ruins of the Castle dominate the village whose medieval and renaissance houses rival each other in charm. Do not forget to visit the church with its incredibly rich frescoes that have recently been rediscovered. Continuing a little further, the prize winning Jardin du Plessis Sasnières garden is well worth a visit.

Trôo is one of those villages that you don’t forget. It is made up of an incredible network of cave dwellings surmounting each other and countless underground passages pierce the steep hillside topped by a Romanesque collegiate church and a tumulus.

When you arrive at Couture you can visit the Manoir de la Possonière, where the famous poet of the Pleiade Ronsard, called the Prince of Poets, lived over 500 years ago. This interesting site can be extended by the tour of the Château de Poncé with its extraordinary Renaissance staircase, facing the other side of the Loir.

Finally, further West the vineyards of Jasnières wine appear, describes as “3 times a century the best white wine in the world”, by Curnonski, the Prince of Gastronomes. Still further West, the vast Forêt de Bercé hides one of the most beautiful oak tree forests in Europe. Driving up North East you can discover a magnificent and yet little known castle, the Château de Courtanvaux formerly owned by a minister of King Henri IV, and later by the Comtesse de Montesquieu, governess to Emperor Napoleons’ son. Just a few kilometres further on, you can stay at Château de La Barre, still owned by the same family since the 14th century.

Chateau de Chambord

Castles of the Loire Valley (70km)

Incredible string of wonders. Chambord the prestigious, Cheverny the best furnished, Chenonceau the most enchanting, Azay the romantic, the gardens of Villandry, the royal palaces of Blois or Amboise… Possibility to fly over the Loire Valley by plane on reservation.

The 24 hours of Le Mans (45km)

The greatest endurance race in the world. A twenty-four hour saga during which the legend is forged. The triumphant finish crowned those who entered the Hall of Fame of Motorsport. It is also possible on certain dates to perfect your driving on the mythical circuit.

Le Mans 24h
Jasnières and Côteaux du Loir

Jasnières and Côteaux du Loir (30km)

Red, white or rosé, Loir wine is a well-kept regional secret. Yet Curnonsky, the Prince of Gastronomes, said of the Jasnières: three times a century the best white wine in the world.»

Cathedral of Chartres and Le Perche (50km)

One of the most extraordinary cathedrals in France, famous for its incomparable stained glass windows. Le Perche, a hilly and charming region to discover, is full of pretty private manors.

Cathedral of Chartres and Le Perche
Driving at Le Mans

Driving at Le Mans

Are you passionate about motor racing or do you want to improve your driving skills? We organize driving sessions on a prototype or a Porsche on the most mythical track in the world.

The Gardens

This region is called the garden of France for a reason. Villandry’s well-known one is perhaps the most beautiful French-style garden. But it would be a pity to miss the Petit Bordeau shadow garden or the charming gardens of Sasnières.

The Gardens