Loire Valley Wines

The Loire Valley is one of the largest wine-growing regions in France. From the Sancerre region to the Nantes region, this river flows through a landscape of hills, dotted with castles and charming villages.

Following the course of the Loire River, the regions of Sancerre, Menetou Salon and Pouilly sur Loire offer an ideal calcareous soil for the production of fruity and herbaceous white wines thanks to the Sauvignon grape variety. A few Pinot Noir also express themselves with an unexpected elegance so far from Burgundy.

The vast vineyards of Touraine and Anjou make up the second largest wine-growing region with a wide range of still or sparkling white wines as well as a significant production of red wines. For the whites it is the chenin that reigns with very different results but always wonderfully refined in Layon, Vouvray or Jasnières. The splendid reds from Cabernet Franc are to be rediscovered, particularly in Chinon and Bourgueil where their potential for longevity fascinates. Do not forget the pineau d’Aunis, rare and unknown, which, with its peppery aromas, is a delight for connoisseurs of the Coteaux du Loir.

Spared by fashions and major foreign investors, it is the ideal region to find the wines of yesteryear. There is a plethora of small properties with remarkable know-how and very reasonable prices. At random from these pretty tufa villages, come and buy a bottle of Vouvray from the year of your birth or a Chinon from the exceptional terroir of Cravant to impress your friends from Bordeaux.

Loire Valley Wines

  • Discover the vast vineyards of Touraine and Anjou
  • Enjoy white wines : Layon, Vouvray or Jasnières
  • Enjoy red wines : Cabernet Franc, Chinon and Bourgueil
  • Coteaux du Loir : Pineau d’Aunis
  • Terroir of Cravant : Chinon
  • Sarthe wines : Janières