Château de la Barre is nestled in a 40-hectare park where nature is preserved and is the focus of our attention. The beautiful yellow ochre facade is, in some places, vegetalized by plants that develop contrasting colours and enhance the architecture of the castle.

Wood, pond, garden form a green setting where it is pleasant to walk and relax. Over the seasons, you can enjoy an ever-changing spectacle: variations of colours, scents and species come together to delight the pupils with a very bright palette. A fairy tale of flowers: roses, lilacs, wisteria intertwine and flower in a natural union.

During the beautiful sunny mornings of spring, the massifs offer us a combination of pink tending towards mauve and others towards purple, thus creating an impressionist painting. Roses, lilies, dahlias, gladioli, agapanthus, acers, tulips, banana trees, compose a harmonious whole and bring to the castle a romantic charm. Every day, the Countess composes magnificent bouquets that sublimate bedrooms and living rooms.

The vegetable garden provides the castle table with fruits and vegetables. Thus, according to the seasons, at the castle table, you can eat salads, zucchinis, green beans, peppers, artichokes, tomatoes spiced up with our herbs as well as fruits from the garden such as apples, pears, grapes, cherries, figs, raspberries, currants…..

Our small local producers complement their quality products, which the castle garden does not provide.

Remarkable gardens nearby

  • Jardin de Villandry : Villandry’s French-style gardens are organized on three levels: the vegetable garden, the water garden and the ornamental garden. The Ornamental Garden, of Andalusian inspiration, was designed by Lozano, a Sevillian painter and Javier de Winthuysen, a landscape gardener and consists of gardens of tender, passionate, fickle and tragic love. The decorative vegetable garden is in a purely Renaissance style and consists of squares with geometric motifs planted with vegetables and flowers in a multicoloured checkerboard. A delight for the eyes!
  • Jardin Le Petit Bordeaux : Le jardin du petit bordeaux is an intimate and typical English style garden of 1.5 hectares. Organized around the manor house, it is composed of an exceptional collection of 3800 species of trees, shrubs, old roses, perennials and grasses, the massifs offer, over the seasons, an extraordinary spectacle of shade and light. To discover absolutely!
  • Jardin de Sasnières :The Plessis Sasnières garden has been awarded the “Remarkable Garden” label by the French Ministry of Culture. Open to the public since 1996, it has been completely redesigned by Rosamée Henrion, a passionate botanist and offers a wealth of varieties of plants, flowers, shrubs and vegetables of all kinds. Subtle luxuriant plant compositions and combinations of incredible colours make Plessis Sasnières an exceptional and unmissable English garden.