Chartres Cathedral

The religious architecture of the Middle Ages is perfectly represented by the superb cathedral of Chartres, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. At first glance, this building imposes by its power and grandeur, an exceptional and remarkable grace rendered by the builders of the Middle Ages.

Initially a simple church, built on an ancient Druidic temple still present in the crypt, it was burned several times and then rebuilt. The cathedral was built between the 13th and 14th centuries. The blocks of stones that make up it are sometimes more than 2m long and 1m high. Its incredible nave has 7 bays with buttresses supporting the vaults.

Seven chapels surround the body of the building, a Christian number par excellence, they symbolize the 7 sacraments or the 7 deadly sins. The first cathedral in the classical Gothic style, its interior surface area of 6000 m2 makes it the largest cathedral in France. Its two imposing bell towers characterize it, the old bell tower built around 1160 rises to 106 m, the second completed in 1513 and called the new bell tower culminates at 115 m.

A visit is therefore essential if you are visiting the region. This building is rich in sculptures, statues and ornaments. Its 13th century stained glass windows are one of the most remarkable ensembles in France, its 14 14-metre high stained glass windows illuminate its apse. Chartres Cathedral is regularly maintained and renovated. A must-see discovery.

Le Perche is a hilly, wooded region covered with charming manors. We are far from the splendour of the Loire Valley and these pretty private residences are discovered by chance on the winding roads that run through this pretty corner of France.

Chartres Cathedral

  • The cathedral of Chartres is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • The nave has 7 buttress arch spans
  • It has an interior surface area of 6000 m2
  • Two imposing bell towers of 106 m and 115 m
  • Seven chapels surround the body of the building
  • 14 canopies of 14 m
  • A hundred Percheron mansions