A luxury experience in a French Chateau

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Chateau de la Barre a luxury experience.

Discerning people looking for a special holiday will find it at the Chateau de la Barre. The chateau is hidden away amidst the idyllic wooded hills of the ancient region of Perche, the place of origin of Percheron draft horses.

Set at the entrance to the Loire Valley, it is in an excellent position for exploring the famous chateaux and vineyards of the Loire, and attending events in Le Mans.

The Chateau de la Barre is a historical haven that welcomes guests with warmth and luxury, perfectly balancing authenticity and modern comfort.

It has been selected as a destination by the Virtuoso luxury travel company, and many top racing teams have chosen the chateau for their stay during the 24 Hours of Le Mans race week, including Mercedes, Ascari, Cadillac, and Audi UK.
It’s France’s best chateau chambres d’hotes by a stretch. SUNDAY TIMES, March 2007 ”

The Chateau de la Barre has been in the Vanssay family for 20 generations (since 1404) and the Count and Countess de Vanssay welcome you to their home.

Portraits of family ancestors and antique heirloom furnishings grace the grand living rooms of the chateau, testimony to a long history entwining family and place.

Chateau de la Barre dining roomMembers of this family accompanied William the Conqueror to Hastings, as is mentioned in the Domesday Book.

Having born witness to the Hundred Years War, the Religious Wars, and the French Revolution, the Chateau de la Barre could tell many tales.

Over the centuries, the chateau has been substantially and lovingly restored, bringing it to its current state of elegance.
The owners of the Chateau de la Barre specialize in providing experience holidays and they have contacts with all of the right people.

There are several packages that allow you to fulfil long-held dreams, including driving a Lamborghini around the Le Mans racetrack, exploring Renaissance life and visiting Leonardo Da Vinci’s home, taking a countryside driving tour in a classic car, or riding in a hot air balloon.

The de Vanssays can arrange a Paris/Loire Valley holiday, a tour of the area’s gardens and forests, a cooking course, a French language course, horse riding, golf, and archery.
If you are celebrating a special event, exclusive rental of the chateau is the perfect idea for intimate weddings, anniversaries, family reunions, or executive workshops.

Chateau de la Barre
The Chateau de la Barre has five magnificently decorated bedrooms in the chateau, and two cottages decorated in country chic.

The owners are exemplary hosts and are happy to assist with your travel plans – they can make arrangements for a shuttle service and a rental car.