Best Hotel

Best hotel

Best hotel in France and best hotel for Loire Valley what a challenge! Decide whether you prefer boutique hotels or hotel chains, authentic chateaux or trendy, standardised accommodations. Is your taste based on luxury, price, charm or a panoramic view. At Chateau de la Barre we aim for perfection as regards to elegance, authenticity, understated luxury and Rrench “art de vivre”.

Best hotel in France

Paris and the Riviera are the most well known tourist spots, but real connoisseurs are now looking for unique experiences off the beaten tracks. Chateaux represent the most logical place for discovering this refined way of life and recently Jet Setter, a website specialised in hidden gems and new trends made a ranking of the best chateaux hotels in the World.

Best hotel in the Loire Valley

The Loire Valley with its fantastic chateaux, wines and gardens is becoming the destination for the discerning traveller. Staying in a chateau is the logical choice for these “in the know” voyageurs and Chateau de la Barre is a rare place still owned by the same family since six centuries unbroken lineage. Come to see us and enjoy the elegance of French aristocratic way of life.